Odourless Mozzie Zapper

Odourless Mozzie Zapper

Relax and enter the land of nod knowing your family is protected by a fast-acting mosquito repellent.

Mortein Odourless Mat Refills are available to buy in a pack of 15, with each mat offering 10 hours of protection.

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Each pack contains 1 zapper unit and 15 mats.
Odourless Mozzie Zapper
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What it does

Setting to work in just 10 minutes, this product keeps its defences up all night, repelling mosquitos for 10 hours by emitting high-quality, odourless, low-irritant protection. Use it in any internal room needing defence against mozzies, even with the windows open and the lights on.


Fuss-free and effective nightly protection from mosquitoes.

Where to use

For indoor use only.

How to use

1. Tear one mat from the foil pack and slip under the protective grill of your Mortein Odourless Mozzie Zapper unit. Ensure that the mat sits on the heat plate. Important! Handle unit with dry hands only.

2. Plug into power outlet so Mortein Odourless Mozzie Zapper unit is horizontal.

3. After 10 hours of use, replace the used mat. Turn off power and slide a new mat under the safety grill. This automatically pops out the used mat. Reactivate your defences.

4. For best results replace mats after 10 hours of use.

Quick Tips

Why do I still have flies and mosquitoes in the house?

This product is an insecticide released at a low level, that acts as a repellent designed to keep the mosquitoes away from the area in which you have located the unit. Mortein Peaceful Nights Mozzie Zapper offers protection against both flies and mosquitoes.

Fun Facts


Are you a mozzie magnet? Or are you one of those lucky people with mosquito-repelling superpowers?

Are Mortein plug-ins ok to use everyday?

Mozzie zappers can be used around most pets with no problems — dogs, cats, and birds included. The one exception to that is fish, which are especially sensitive to insecticides. It’s best not to keep a ...

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