Mortein | Kill and Protect
Barrier Outdoor Surface Spray

Kill & Protect Barrier Outdoor Surface Spray

Protect your home from insects for up to 6 months with the new Mortein Kill & Protect Barrier Surface Spray. Get proactive about bug control and strike before creepy-crawlies even reach the threshold of your home. This potent water-based, non-stain outdoor insecticide protects your house from crawling insects before they can muscle their way inside.

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Available in a 350g can
Kill & Protect Barrier Outdoor Surface Spray

What it does

Provides the first line of defence against unwanted home invaders such as cockroaches, spiders, ants and other crawling insects. Mortein Barrier Outdoor Surface Spray kills on contact to keep the inside of your home protected for up to 6 months. One 350g can is sufficient for barrier protection, giving you peace of mind.


You take the initiative and this spray does all the work — you need to use it only once every 6 months for year-round protection.

Where to use

For outdoor use only.

How to use

Remove tear-off tab on trigger prior to first use. Shake can well. Keep can as upright as possible and spray 20 – 25cm from surface. Spray all infested areas and insect hiding places. Do not spray directly on plants.

Cockroaches: Spray external door jambs, air vents, cracks, crevices and other entry points.

Ants: Spray around and in garbage bins, food disposal areas, ant nests and points of entry into the house.

Spiders: Spray under eaves, under window frames, on door jambs and wherever webs appear.

Slaters: Spray surfaces where slaters are known to gather, such as under wood heaps, under rocks in rockeries and under pot plants.

Flies and mosquitoes: Apply as a residual surface treatment on sheltered windowsills and door jambs.

Make sure you read the product label before using and use in accordance with instructions on the label.

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Quick Tips

For best results. . .

spray in the still of the morning or evening onto sheltered outdoor surfaces and areas protected from rain and sunlight.

Fun Facts


Cockroaches can live for weeks without their heads; the head isn’t important to how they function, so their legs will continue to respond to stimuli. No wonder a cockroach was Wall-E’s faithful friend!


Huntsman spiders are more frightening than dangerous and there are easy, humane and simple ways to deal with unexpected visitors of the eight-legged kind.

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