Our most effective mouse trap! The Mortein Mice Kill Professional Secured Mouse Trap covered snap trap is an easy and safe way to ensure rodents are killed inside the trap. This reusable snap trap is secured and covered to help protect children and pets.

Covered and concealed for protection: the unique design helps protect children and pets from contact, especially in high traffic areas i.e. kitchen.

Easy to use; easy baiting, easy setting and easy to empty. More effective solution than traditional mouse traps, powerful snapping action kills the mouse inside the trap, limiting contact. It is also reusable, dispose of mouse then reset for another use!

1. Baiting: Lift front cover and place a small amount of bait in the round bait cup inside the trap. Do not over bait. Close cover. Note: the amount of peanut butter the size of a large pea (1/8 teaspoon) is recommended as bait. For the trap to work properly, it is important to place the bait only inside the cup and avoid surrounding parts.  
2. Setting and Placement: Place trap on a flat surface and slowly pull the lever all the way down and gently release until it locks securely into place. For best results, place two or more Mortein Professional Secured Mouse Traps 1 - 2 metres apart where you see or expect mice.  
3. Empty: To dispose of mouse, hold the trap over a plastic bag. Lift the front cover and pull back on the setting lever until the mouse is released. Trap is reusable or can be disposed of together with the mouse.  
Warning: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Place traps in locations inaccessible to other animals or birds. The use of this product for the control of protected native rodents requires permission from wildlife authorities.

All weather use‒ indoor and outdoor use.