Killing unwanted rodents is easy, even if a rat pack or mouse family has moved into your home. The Rat Kill Bait Station can be used as a stand-alone bait station or its contents can be divided into a number of smaller bait locations. Either way, all you need to do is position the baits and then watch them — and the rodents they attract — disappear like magic! For best results, eliminate as many alternative food sources as possible from the area(s) that need treatment. To deal with a large infestation of rats, you’ll need large quantities of bait in one or two locations. Place one bait station per location no further than 9m apart. Smaller quantities in several locations will be more effective at eliminating mice. Place one bait station per location, no further than 3m apart. Put two to three bait stations in areas of high mouse activity. Remember to write down the number of stations and their locations in order to make replenishing and removing later easier. Most rats and mice will die 4 to 7 days after noshing on the bait, so continue baiting for at least 2 weeks or until there are no more signs of rodent activity. Inspect the bait station daily and replace or refill if bait is running low. If it’s all disappearing, then consider increasing the number of bait stations. Keep an eye on the station(s) until no more bait is taken. Any remaining bait should then be removed, but repeat the treatment if the rodents return.

Kills rats and Mice with a specially designed bait housing. The bait station can either be used alone or to refill additional stations.

After placing the bait station wherever it’s required—indoors or outdoors—rats and mice are history.

To use the box as a stand-alone bait station, press the tab firmly and tear off the strip. To make additional bait stations, place 25 – 125g of bait into the desired number of small containers. Take care not to scatter bait pellets randomly.

Can be used indoors or outdoors, although it must be kept under cover and not in an open space. Choose your treatment area according to where rats and/or mice are most likely to find and consume the bait — along walls or rafters, in corners and concealed places or any other locations where you’ve spotted rodents or their tell-tale signs. A bittering agent will help prevent accidental consumption by children, but be careful to put in places as far from small hands and pets as possible. For an even more effective treatment use with Mortein Rat Kill Throwpacks for hard to access areas.