NaturGard Fly & Mosquito Killer Odourless

NaturGard Fly & Mosquito Killer Odourless


Inspired by the crisp air of Mount Kosciuszko National Park; this odourless spray effectively kills flies, mosquitoes and other flying pests that invade your home. With more than 90 per cent natural ingredients and 0.2 per cent trusted synthetic actives, it will take care of business and leave your home smelling like the fresh air of Mount Kosciuszko.

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Available in a 320g can
NaturGard Fly & Mosquito Killer Odourless

What it does

With over 90 per cent natural ingredients combined with 0.2% of trusted synthetic actives to kill eight common pests, including flying insects, fast.


Tough on pests, not on people.

Where to use

For both indoor and outdoor use.

How to use

Shake can well. Spray directly at the fly, mosquito or other flying insect for fast results. Alternatively, close windows and doors and spray high into the air for 4 – 5 seconds.

Quick Tips

What's bugging you?

If you hear that familiar buzz right before bedtime — always the way — turn off all the lights in the room, leaving only a glow from an outside light or street light, and open the window. The fly will naturally head towards it.

Fun Facts


The average house fly lives for about 15-25 days and longer in cooler climates, but it lays up to 3000 eggs in its lifetime — including on your food and theirs.

Why is fly control important?

The humble house fly plays a serious role in transmitting disease.

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