Mosquito Coils

Mosquito Coils

Helps make your outdoor get-together a bite-free zone with up to 8 hours of protection from a Mortein Mosquito Coil.

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Available in a 30-coil value pack with burner.
Mosquito Coils
Deals with:

What it does

Designed to be hung or used on a flat surface, the smouldering coil causes mosquitoes to make a quick exit.


A mozzie zone of protection for the length of your party. Keep spare mosquito coils handy in case your guests linger.

Where to use

For outdoor use only.

How to use

1. Lift off the burner cover and remove the coils.

2. Pull up the metal stand used for hanging. Then, starting from the centre, gently separate the coils and place one on the stand.

3. Light the outer end of the coil until you see smoke wafting up (there shouldn’t be any flames) and replace the burner cover.

4. Hang or place outside wherever you want a mozzie-free area.

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Quick Tips

Do Mortein Mosquito coils kill mosquitoes?

No they don't. Coils are only repellents.

Fun Facts


Mosquitoes are most attracted to black, blue and red clothing, and perfume is their favourite scent, closely followed by sweat. They can smell human body odour from up to 20 metres away.

How to host a pest-free outdoor party.

During the spring and summer months the warmer weather and longer days are perfect for those relaxed backyard barbeques with friends and family. Don’t let these uninvited bugs ruin your fun.

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