Powergard Professional Outdoor Indoor Surface Spray

Protect your home from roaches with the new Mortein Kill & Protect DIY Professional Surface Spray. Its unique formula creates a barrier to stop infestations outside the home for up to 3 months and inside for 6 months using the same technology as professionals.

Using the same spray technology that professional pest control operators use, the spray flushes spiders and cockroaches out of their hiding places outside. Ants, spiders and cockroaches are killed on contact for up to 3 months outdoors and 6 months indoors.

With a professional level of protection you’ll never be terrorised by insects again.

Shake well before using.
Remove safety cap. Attach trigger mechanism.
Turn nozzle to open position. Pump trigger several times to prime. Adjust nozzle for direct spray or mist spray.
Spray likely insect infestation areas.
Place safety cap back onto container. To store trigger mechanism, rinse through with water.

Ideal for seasonal spraying around door and window frames, cracks and crevices, garbage bins, eaves, pergolas, letter boxes, undersides of outdoor furniture and decks, garden sheds, cubby houses and fences.