Five steps for long-term cockroach control

There’s something you ought to hear – but you’re probably not going to like it. You know that big, scary-looking cockroach you found creeping around the house? It’s unlikely he was a lone ranger that wandered in off the street (though this can happen – see Step 3). He probably came from a cockroach nest close by, located in your walls, cupboards or skirting boards – and that’s where all his friends are, too. Lots of them. Hundreds – maybe even thousands.

 So that’s the bad news. The good news is, it’s possible to get cockroach infestations under control yourself. Just read on for our five key steps for long-term cockroach control and say sayonara to Mr No-so Lone Ranger and his pesky entourage.

 Step 1. Cockroach-proof your home

Cockroaches love to nest in kitchens where they can get VIP access to food and water. They are scavengers, so store all your food in sealed containers (don’t leave open packets on your counter or in your pantry), clean up food and drink spills immediately and wipe down your sink and benches of excess water. Roaches need to drink water to survive, so don’t give them the opportunity. And don’t forget to take your rubbish out frequently. Roaches love eating rubbish, too.

 Step 2. Trap ’em

While using a bug spray to kill our villain the Lone Ranger will work, what if he has mates? Cockroaches are social creatures – so where there is one, there are usually many more. The best offence is always a good defence when it comes to catching cockroaches. Lure the lurking roaches out of their hiding places with Mortein Kill and Protect Cockroach Baits, which can be discreetly placed around the home.

 Step 3. Block ’em

Next, you want to ensure that more cockroaches don’t crawl into your home to nest and breed without an invitation. A great way to do this is with Mortein Kill and Protect Outdoor Surface Spray, which you can use around entry points and nooks and crannies as a barrier so roaches are killed before they can even cross the threshold. A single spray application can offer months of protection.

Step 4. Protect like a pro

If you’re seeing cockroaches frequently, it’s time to bring out the big guns in the form of Mortein Kill and Protect DIY Professional Surface Spray that treats infestations inside and outside your home for months at a time. If you prefer a do-it-yourself approach, seek out a surface spray that uses an effective roach-blitzing formula, similar to what pro pest controllers use.

 Step 5. Bombs away

If you’re struggling to locate the dreaded cockroach nest, a Mortein Kill and Protect Control Bomb  will offer sweet relief by tackling cunning cockroaches once and for all – no matter where they’re hiding. Cockroach bombs are also recommended when moving into a new house, to banish the creepy bugs before you settle in.

To keep roaches away for the long run, it’s essential to eliminate the problem at the first sign of an unwelcome visitor. As a female cockroach can produce 300–400 offspring in her lifetime, it’s not hard for a minor roach problem to quickly spiral out of control. By following these five steps, you can spend more time enjoying life in your protected home and less time worrying about when old Lone Ranger will rear his unsightly head again.