Why stomping on cockroaches is not the solution

To stomp or not to stomp? – That is the question when it comes to these unsightly little home invaders. Squashing a wandering cockroach no doubt offers the quickest solution in the moment, but then we tend to throw them in the bin, forget about them and get on with our day, all the while overlooking the warning sign the pesky cockroach presented in the first place: that he isn’t alone. His friends are just better at hiding.

Cockroach facts to make your skin crawl

Cockroaches are social creatures. They nest together in the hundreds and thousands – in our walls, skirting boards, kitchen cupboards and other places around the home where they can find a warm, tight space. They are nocturnal scavengers, which means they emerge from their nests late at night when we are asleep, creeping around our kitchens to feed on crumbs, spills, open food packets, sugar, rubbish and water – all the while carrying with them 33 different types of stomach-churning bacteria that can contaminate our food and homes, making us sick.

The wild roach party you never asked for

Cockroaches breed at a disturbingly rapid rate – a single female cockroach can produce up to 400 baby cockroaches in her lifetime. So while squashing a cockroach here and there may feel satisfying, just remember that the other thousands of roaches are continuing to party back at the nest, the babies are growing fast and the numbers are multiplying with each passing day.

So what’s the solution?

Think long term and blitz that hidden cockroach nest to smithereens. For the protection, comfort and peace of mind of your family it’s essential to eliminate a cockroach infestation problem at the very first sign of a scavenging roach and avoid trying to tackle them one by one with a single squish. Because let’s face it – no one likes the idea of cockroaches invading our space, leaving their germ-ridden droppings and vomit trails (yes, you read correctly – vomit) on our food and surfaces. And as we now know, cockroaches live in groups, so where there is one, there are usually many, many more – literally thousands!

Bring out the roach-busters

Lure and eliminate

Mortein Kill and Protect Cockroach baits lure out cockroaches to feed on the bait before they go back to the nest and contaminate the rest of the family and even kill the cockroach eggs. With no fumes and sprays, baits are an easy strategy for tackling and eliminating hungry roaches.

Invisible fortress

A powerful way to prevent more cockroaches from coming into your house is with an effective Mortein Kill and Protect Outdoor Surface Spray that acts as an invisible barrier. Specially formulated outdoor surface sprays work a treat when applied around doorways, cracks, air vents, crevices and garbage bins.

Bombs away

When you know they are lurking and you just want complete peace of mind, Mortein Kill and Protect Control Bomb will not only keep curious cockroaches at bay, but will also obliterate  nests around your home. When used every three months, cockroach bombs offer excellent long-term roach protection, meaning that you may never again have to discover a spiny-legged visitor crawling around your kitchen benchtop.

Final tips

So next time, save yourself the nauseating task of having to clean up the goo and guts of a squashed cockroach and simply follow our roach and nest removal tips for a pest-protected home all year round. These solutions, together with maintaining a tidy kitchen free of spills, crumbs and excess water, will ensure your uninvited guests look elsewhere to make their home.