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Mortein’s highly effective insecticides have been
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unwanted pests for over 100 years.

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Article Teaser - How to host a pest-free outdoor party

How to host a pest-free outdoor party

Warmer months and longer days are perfect for those relaxed backyard barbies with friends and family.But warmer months also bring with them an increase in the number of unwanted pests...

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Cockroach Control

Getting rid of cockroaches — one of Australia’s most common home invaders — and preventing their return is easier than you think...


Frustrated with cockroaches getting away from you? Stop the chase with Mortein's Kill & Protect. Kills 2 x Faster than the next competitor...

Australia’s top 10 most dangerous creepy crawlies

  1. 1 Funnel-web spiders
  2. 2 Redback Spiders
  3. 3 Paralysis Ticks
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Why is fly control important?

The humble house fly may seem like a minor nuisance, but it actually plays a serious role in transmitting disease...


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Why do mosquitoes always bite me?

Why do mosquitoes always bite me?

Are you a mozzie magnet? Or are you one of those lucky people with natural mosquito repellent superpowers?