Outdoor Auto Protect Insect Control System

NaturGard Auto Protect Outdoor Insect Control System

With a plant-based active ingredient, this automatic insect control system for outdoor use will protect you against flying insects from dawn til dusk.

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NaturGard Auto Protect Outdoor Insect Control System

What it does

Protecting a sheltered area of 5m3, the plant-based active ingredient is intermittently released—according to the setting you choose—into the air to keep flying insects at bay. (The system also contains synthetic ingredients.)


The system is ideal for stepping up protection levels during the fly- and mosquito-riddled months. It has an automatic 3-hour cut off. It protects a sheltered area of up to 5m3 and is portable. Two adjustable settings enable you to tailor the system to your outdoor environment.

Where to use

For outdoor use only.

How to use

1. Your diffuser is only to be used in well ventilated, sheltered outdoor areas only when mosquitoes and flies are prevalent. Mount the diffuser at least 2m high from the ground and not closer than 300mm from the roof of any outdoor structure, always facing an open area (refer to wall mounting guide). To maintain the lifetime of the diffuser unit, install out of the rain and direct sunlight.

2. Ensure the external switch is in the OFF position and open the diffuser by depressing the button on the top and pulling the front cover forward.

3. Insert 2 x AA batteries. Ensure the batteries are correctly inserted by aligning the positive (+) and negative (‐) terminals.

4. Insert the refill can, with the nozzle facing outwards. Now change the switch to the 20 or 40 seconds release setting. The choice of release setting is dependent on your outdoor environment and time of day. The 20 second setting is recommended for large areas, windy days and when flies are most prevalent. The 40 second setting is recommended for small areas, calm days and when mosquitoes are most prevalent.

5. Close the front cover and switch the external switch to the ON position.

6. When activated, a flashing green light indicates that the device is working, followed by a delay of 20 seconds or 40 seconds depending in the setting (and then every 20 or 40 seconds after that).

7. The diffuser unit will automatically turn off after 3 hours of continuous use to minimise wastage. To reset, switch to OFF and then back to ON.

8. If there is no green light, check the batteries are inserted correctly. If it fails to spray, please read the TROUBLE‐SHOOTING directions. Batteries need to be replaced when the green light stops flashing or when the diffuser stops spraying.


Each pack contains one dispenser unit, one citronella refill can and two batteries. The refill can should last about 30 hours on the 40-second setting.

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