Ants & Fast Kill


Ants & Fast Kill


Fast Knock Down Crawling Insect Killer Odourless

NATIONAL PARKS EDITION Inspired by the crisp air of Mount Kosciuszko National Park, this odourless spray effectively kills cockroaches, ants and spiders fast and provides long-lasting barrier protection against cockroaches for up to 6 months. Containing more than 90 per cent natural ingredients and 0.1 per cent trusted synthetic actives, so it is tough on pests, not people. It also has a handy adjustable nozzle that offers you the ability to get into every nook and cranny.

Fast Knock Down Multi Inect Killer

This multi-functional insect killer stops insects with a single blast. It's designed to knock down crawling and flying insects inside your home fast, leaving your home protected from unwelcome guests.