Mosquitoes are annoying at the best of times, but at their worst, they can prove a substantial danger to human health and wellbeing. After all, mozzies can be one of the deadliest animals in the world, carrying and transmitting a wide array of bloodborne diseases from person to person in vast numbers.

Outbreaks of dengue, Zika, yellow fever and West Nile disease around the world can all be attributed to mosquito infestations, so keeping their numbers down can be crucial. In Australia specifically, outbreaks of dengue can occur, particularly in northern Queensland. But wherever you are in Australia, if you’re being inundated with mozzies at home, you’re probably wondering how to kill mosquitoes so they can be out of your hair. Read on for some tips to do just that.

How to kill adult mosquitoes

Ideally, you should be taking a multi-pronged approach to killing mosquitoes. While it’s the adult mozzies that are the most obvious sign of an infestation, mosquito larvae are just as much of a problem.

Mosquitoes need water for the first three stages of their life cycle, so, to begin your pest control measures, remove all stagnant water around your home and monitor any large bodies of standing water you may have (such as a pool, pond, fountain or bird bath, for example).

If you’re still finding adult mosquitoes in your home, a more direct approach might be needed. Use a purpose-built insecticide such as the Mortein Insect Spray Odourless Aerosol Fly & Mosquito Killer.

 It’s a fast-acting product  that kills mosquitoes in one spray, making short work of your mozzie problem. Have a can on hand so you’re ready to spray as soon as you spot that flying pest.

How to kill mosquitoes in the house

Another effective solution to tackle bothersome mozzies in the house is the Mortein PowerGard Flying Insect Killer Spray. It’s a highly effective spray that kills mosquitoes in seconds. For best results, spray directly onto the jinking mosquito (if you can manage it!). Alternatively, close your windows and doors and spray high into the air for 3-5 seconds to catch more of them in one go.

How to kill mosquitoes in the yard

What’s better than knowing how to kill mosquitoes at home? Knowing you may never need to deal with a home invasion of mozzies because you’ve taken steps to get rid of them before they make it into your home. So, how do you reach that pest control nirvana? By learning how to kill mosquitoes in the yard and around your home so you’ve caught and killed them before they venture inside (granted, the odd one may manage to sneak in).

Still, one of the most effective ways to repel mosquitoes outside is by creating a mozzie no-go zone using Mortein Outdoor Mosquito Coils. They’re a handy and effective product that creates a barrier against flying insects by working to repel mosquitoes outside. With each coil providing up to 8 hours of protection, it creates a 20m2 zone of protection (in calm conditions), catching those areas where mosquitoes like to rest and helping you put your mind at ease.