Mortein Automatic Multi-Insect Spray Systems

  1. Why is Mortein automatics spraying irregularly?

Designed to automatically release regular bursts of mist to keep homes protected from insects, some consumers have alerted us to irregular spraying by the automatic dispenser. We have thoroughly tested the product and found that a potential performance issue in the dispenser may result in a higher spray frequency occurring only in the final hours of these products’ battery life. Accordingly, Mortein has decided to withdraw this dispenser from further sale.


  1. What do you mean when you say higher spray frequency?

Our findings have shown that upon the battery life reaching the final few hours of its life, the dispenser may revert back to starting processes and can spray at a different rate to the normal settings. Once new batteries are replaced (above 3.2 volts), the dispenser should go back to full and proper working order.


  1. Does the issue raise health or safety concerns to animals and children?

No. Our safety assessments conducted by professional toxicologists, which factored in conservative parameters, taking into account the issue, product usage, and significant margins of safety, concluded that there was no safety concern.


  1. Who conducted the safety testing?

As a global manufacturer of household items, Reckitt takes product safety and testing seriously. Our company has decades of experience and excellence in product development, testing, quality and safety. When we became aware of the issue, our Global Safety Team (including toxicologists and doctors) immediately conducted a safety assessment and concluded that there were no safety concerns with this product.


  1. If the product is safe to use, why are you withdrawing the product from sale?

At Mortein we take our commitment to product excellence seriously and expect a high level of performance from all our products. While the dispenser performance issue at end of battery life does not pose a safety concern to consumers the product does not live up to our high standards of performance expectations. A new dispenser without this issue will be available in market by October 2021.


  1. How long has the product been in market – we assume this only relates to the current dispenser?

The product has been on the market since the end of 2019. Yes, this performance issue only relates to the current indoor & outdoor Mortein automatic dispenser.


  1. How can consumers dispose of the dispenser and the refill?

We recommend recycling whenever possible. Recycling and waste disposal options differ between local government/council areas within Australia and New Zealand. To find the recycling and waste disposal options available in your area, please visit:





Remove from the gadget and re-use in other your other appliances or recycle.


We recommend recycling through your local e-waste process, if possible.


If empty, we recommend recycling if available in your local area.

If partially or completely full, the refill should be disposed following your local area’s hazardous waste process.