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Mortein No View No Touch Dual Action Mouse Trap 2 Pack

Mortein Kills Mice No View No Touch Dual Action Mouse Trap kills mice instantly and conceals it. Mouse trapped and killed inside trap. Guaranteed to kill or your money back. Secured and Covered to protect children and pets.

Mortein Kill Mice No View No Touch Dual Action Trap.

Never see a dead mouse again! It's simple to set and conceals the dead mouse 100%. Just dispose of the entire trap.

Concealed and secured for protection. The secured covered bait helps protect children and pets from contact, especially in high traffic areas of the home i.e living room.

  • No view, no touch. Mouse trapped and killed inside trap.
  • Guaranteed to kill or your money back.
  • Easy to bait, twist and set.
  • Kills Mice instantly and conceals.
  • Secured and covered to help protect children and pets.

Step 1:
Baiting - Insert bait in bait compartment. On the bottom of the Trap, peel back the small self-adhesive label. Apply bait (cheese or peanut butter) to the bait compartment. Reseal self-adhesive label over compartment and turn trap over (label up).
Step 2:
Setting - Twist and set trap. While holding base of trap in a horizontal position, twist top cover in clockwise rotation (in direction of arrow) until it locks. A red indicator will show through the hole marked "Set" on the top of the trap. A mouse entryway will open in front.
Step 3:
Placement - Place trap in high traffic mouse area. GENTLY place set trap (label up) on hard surface near wall, or in areas where mice are active.
Step 4:
Disposal - When "Mouse Caught" is indicated, properly dispose of trap. Check trap frequently. When mouse entryway is closed and red indicator shows through the hole marked "Mouse Caught," dispose of entire trap. Note: if trap is accidentally triggered, a red indicator will show at the 'Not Set' position. Repeat the instructions at Step 2 ("Setting") if this occurs.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children and pets.

For best results, place two or more Mortein Traps 4-6 feet apart where you see or suspect mice.

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