Mortein Kills Rats & Mice Dual Action Baits

Mortein Rats & Mice Dual Action Baits is a highly effective and complete solution to rat & mice problems. It kills rats & mice in a single feed, and also kills the fleas & ticks on them that could transmit disease to people and pets. Mortein Dual Action Baits is also effective against rats & mice that have built up a resistance to warfarin-based rodenticides. Mortein Dual Action Baits contains a human taste deterrent (bittering agent) to help prevent accidental consumption by children.
The bait:
• Kills rats & mice in a single feed
• Kills fleas and ticks that live on rats and mice which may spread disease
• Easy to use individual packs
• Kills rats & mice resistant to Warfarin

The smell of the rat poison inside the sachet attracts rodents, luring them to chew through it and consume its contents. Just a single feed from the bait inside will kill the rat or mouse.

Throw the packets wherever they’re needed and it’s curtains for rats and mice.

For best results, eliminate as many alternative food sources as possible from the area(s) that need treatment. Do not open the sachets, simply toss them unopened into areas where rats or mice are active. Follow the specific instructions below for each rodent.

Select areas for use based on where rats and mice are most likely to find and consume the bait—typically along walls, in corners and concealed spaces such as the roof, under floorboards and in garages and sheds. A special bittering agent helps to prevent accidental consumption by children, but take care to position the packs as far away as possible from family and pet areas.