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Mortein Outdoor Citronella Candle Mosquito Repellent 150g

Make sure there’s no mosquito trouble ahead, just music and moonlight, love and romance with this mosquito repellent candle, which contains natural citronella.

Repels mosquitoes with up to 25 hours burn time.

Dine by candlelight with the protection of a citronella scented, anti-mosquito force field.

  1. Remove candle from packaging.
  2. Place candle on a level heat resistant surface away from draughts and light.
  3. To extinguish candle blow gently on flame.

For outdoor use only.

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Quick tip


No they don't. Candles are only repellents but they do have a lengthy burn time. 25 hours for Mortein's Citronella Candle and a 4 hour burn time for each Mortein Tea Light Candle.

Fun fact


Are you a mozzie magnet? Or are you one of those lucky people with mosquito-repelling superpowers?

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