Naturgard Flying Insect Killer Eucalyptus

NATIONAL PARKS EDITION Inspired by Eucalyptus trees from the Blue Mountains National Park; this subtle, sweet-smelling eucalyptus spray is ideal for shooting down flies, mosquitoes and other flying pests that invade your home. With more than 90 per cent natural ingredients and 0.2 per cent trusted synthetic actives, it will take care of business and leave your home smelling like the fresh air of the Blue Mountains.

Effectively kills flying insects fast.

A fast, eucalyptus-smelling solution to your flying insect problem. Contains natural eucalyptus extract, inspired by eucalyptus from the Blue Mountains National Park.

Shake can well. Spray directly at the fly, mosquito or other flying insects for fast results. Alternatively, close windows and doors and spray high into the air for 4 – 5 seconds.

For both indoor and outdoor use.