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Mortein NaturGard Multi-Insect Automatic Diffuser Kit Eucalyptus 152g

Mortein NaturGard Multi-Insect Automatic Diffuser Kit Eucalyptus 152g, allows you to set & forget for continuous and automatic protection from insects, both indoors and outdoors, and contains a natural plant-based pyrethrin active*.

*Also contains 4.6% synthetic actives.

Mortein NaturGard Multi-Insect Automatic Diffuser Kit Eucalytpus 152g gives you the control you need to enjoy continuous protection from insects every day.

  • Protects a sheltered outdoor area of 25m2.
  • 5 settings let you choose the setting that meets your needs.
  • 30 days protection indoors^.
  • 30 hours protection outdoors^.
  • Turns off automatically after 3 hours when using outdoor settings.
  • Natural Eucalpytus fragrance.

^Based on lowest setting

  1. Provides continuous and automatic protection from insects both indoors and outdoors.
  2. Automatically controls flying and crawling insects.
  3. Contains a natural plant-based pyrethrin active*.
  4. Releases regular bursts of mist to help keep your home protected from insects.
  5. Kills flies and mosquitoes indoors and outdoors. Kills ants, moths, fleas, American cockroaches and helps to kill German cockroaches indoors.

  1. To open the diffuser device, hold the base in one hand and the top in the other hand and twist anticlockwise.
  2. Remove the battery pack provided from the base.
  3. Remove the lid from the top half of the device and insert the 2x AA batteries. Ensure the Positive (+) and Negative (-) terminals are aligned and replace the lid.
  4. Ensure the diffuser is switched to the OFF position, (light will flash red once when device is switched to OFF mode is selected). Insert the refill into the base, align the small line marking (top edge of the device base) with the back of the can’s spray nozzle. Place the top half of the device on the base ensuring the spray nozzle is facing through opening in the top half. Twist the top half clockwise lining up the triangle marking with the mark on the base.
  5. Select the desired level of protection (see CHOOSING THE BEST SETTING table). The flashing green light indicates the device will spray after a delay of 15 seconds. If there is no spray after 15 seconds, switch off the device and check steps 3 and 4 have been performed correctly before repeating step 5.
  6. When the aerosol refill is almost empty the red light will flash and the device will soon stop spraying. Turn the device off. Remove the refill and replace with a new refill using the above steps. Remove the lid and adjust device to desired setting and press the reset button.

Recommended rooms indoors include lounge & family rooms, away from immediate food preparation, children activity & pet sleeping areas.

In an outdoor setting, the device is only to be used in well ventilated, sheltered outdoor areas only when mosquitoes and flies are prevalent.

Mount the diffuser at least 2m above the floor and not closer than 30cm from the ceiling, roof or any outdoor or indoor structure facing an open area.

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