Ants are the quintessential gate crashers. They turn up uninvited to the party – or any time food is around – and tend to overstay their welcome. They will send a never-ending stream of workers to ransack anywhere in your home where they can find suitable drinks and nibbles to satisfy their big collective appetite.

The best way to deter ants from your home is to make it as unattractive to them as possible. This is why you might want to learn how you can drive ants away and let them know that they will always be on the blacklist to your ‘party’.

How to repel ants

When looking to repel ants, you should make your home and garden less hospitable for them. As ants are attracted to protein and sugar, it is essential for you to practice good hygiene by promptly removing spills and crumbs, placing a tight lid on your garbage bins and storing all food in tightly sealed containers.

If you are still finding ants in your home despite the regular cleaning and sanitation, you might want to explore the following options.

How to deter ants with powders and sands

There are a few powders that ants steer clear of – they include suitable pantry basics like cinnamon, baby powder, and cayenne pepper. However, home remedies can only go so far and will last only a day or two at best. It will not be effective in the midst of an infestation.

Instead, use purposely designed ant control products like Mortein Insect Control Ant Sand which is a highly effective, fast acting outdoor product , that kills ants on contact. It works for up to two months and its performance is not affected by rain. Simply locate the area outdoors that has substantial ant activity, such as the nest or between pavers or under the edge of concrete paths, and sprinkle the treated evenly around the immediate area.

How to deter ants with sprays and liquids

You can also temporarily repel ants with a vinegar-based solution in a spray bottle. Ants strongly dislike the pungent smell of vinegar so spraying it around entry points to your house can deter ants. Citrus scents work in a similar manner in keeping the ants away for a day or two.

For a longer-lasting ant barrier, try a purpose-designed spray like those used by professionals. The Mortein PowerGard DIY Professional Surface Spray is easy to use, effective and keeps on killing ants and other insect pests for up to six months when sprayed on surfaces. It can be used indoors and outdoors around potential entry points to your home.

If, despite the efforts above, you’ve ended up with stubborn ants inside your home, we cover a multitude of ways you can