Not only are flies annoying with their constant buzzing around your ears, they can be dangerous too. Flies land on fecal matter, dead animals, food scraps and manure and can pick up disease-carrying bacteria and germs. It doesn’t help that they love to go for our food or our cutlery as they carry germs on their hairy body, legs and feet.

A couple of flies could quickly escalate into a fly invasion, making your home a health hazard for everyone living in it. If you’ve seen the odd fly in your home, it might be worth learning how to kill flies just in case those pesky bugs come back into your home with a vengeance.

How to kill flies at home

One of the biggest downfalls of the warmer weather is the emergence of flies. They rock up uninvited to your weekend barbeques or picnics and make themselves at home with the food you’ve made. Sometimes they even invade your home – which is where you would want to draw the line. If you are wondering about how you can kill flies at home, follow these suggestions:

  • Using fly sprays: When killing flies in your home, one of the most effective ways is to use an efficacious spray like the Mortein PowerGard Flying Insect Killer Spray that kills flies in seconds and controls for eight hours when applied on surfaces. The fly pray kills flies when they are airborne and where they land.

  • Hanging some flypaper: Place these sticky strips of paper coated with a substance that attracts flies in the entryways of your home. It will trap the flies before they make it across the threshold – sometimes they also contain traces of pesticides to help dispatch the pest.

  • Using electric fly swatters: These instantly electrocute the flies as soon as they come into contact. Just be careful not to hit any metal with it!

  • Automatic spray systems: These are available to attach to the wall and will periodically release small amounts of insecticides into the air. The Mortein NaturGard Multi-Insect Automatic Spray Indoor contains 98% natural ingredients with 1.4% synthetic actives and keeps your home protected from flying and crawling insects – ensure you follow the instructions on the label for maximum protection.

  • UV fly trap: these emit ultraviolet light that attracts flies, whereupon they are killed by electrocution or immobilized on a sticky surface. They’re best used indoors.

Whichever method you choose, an important last step is to clean up all the dead flies from your home. Fortunately, you can do so with a spring in your step knowing your fly problem may have been resolved (at least, for the meantime)! Once they’re gone, keep them away with our article on how to keep flies out of the house.