What Mortein is doing about the issue?

What else is Mortein doing about the issue?

We take our commitment to product excellence very seriously and expect a high level of performance from all our products. We undertook an extensive investigation into this performance issue. Our safety assessments show that the issue does not raise health or safety concerns to humans or pets. However, the products do not meet our own high performance and quality standards at end of battery life, and as such we have decided to withdraw the product from future sale.

The products have not been available to retailers since 21 July 2021. Instead, we are currently manufacturing a new dispenser, which resolves the previous performance issue. You can expect to see this product in stores by October 2021.

To our customers – we apologise that in this instance we failed to live up to our own high performance and quality standards, and for any potential inconvenience or impact on your experience with our products. We deeply value the trust you have placed in us and appreciate your support as we resolve this matter quickly.

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