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Do you have a pest problem on your hands? To dispel creepy crawlies like ants, cockroaches and spiders, try our selection of fast-action surface sprays and insect killer sprays. Or, if you’re looking to control a pest infestation before your home is overrun, our handy baits and bombs are created to target specific pest types and are highly effective. We also have a range of sprays and traps to handle everything from rodents (rats and mice) to mosquitoes. We’ve got products designed to deliver quick and long-lasting results for many common pest problems.

Fast Knockdown Low Allergenic

Kill flies and mosquitoes inside your home fast with this clinically tested, low-allergenic, low-odour spray developed for people with asthma and other common allergies.


Mortein Rat & Mice Dual Action Bait kills rats and mice in one feed and eliminates the fleas they carry. Contains 4 baits

Peaceful Nights Repeller Mosquito & Fly Plug In

Mortein Peaceful Nights Repeller Mosquito & Fly Plug In is adjustable and repels mosquitoes and flies that can last up to 30 nights protection based on 8 hours per night.

Mortein No View No Touch Dual Action Mouse Trap

Mortein Kills Mice No View No Touch Dual Action Mouse Trap kills mice instantly and conceals it. Mouse trapped and killed inside trap. Guaranteed to kill or your money back. Secured and Covered to protect children and pets.


Make sure there’s no mosquito trouble ahead, just music and moonlight, love and romance with this mosquito repellent candle, which contains natural citronella.


Helps make your outdoor get-together a bite-free zone with up to 8 hours of protection from a Mortein Mosquito Coil.